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How to go from a great idea to a grand opening.

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  • Planning & Development Phase Planning & Development
  • Planning & Development Phase Location
  • Planning & Development Phase Construction

Planning & Development Phase

Let’s get started.

Planning & Development Phase

Step One:

research & business plan

Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding an existing business, or purchasing a franchise, you’ll need a plan.

Pro Tip: Hire a business accountant. In addition to having a certified CPA that can do your taxes, you need someone who can provide financial advice when you need it. It will help prevent you getting into a financial hole.
Planning & Development Phase

Step Two:

form your entity

Take the following steps to ensure you’re going through all the necessary legal processes.


Suggested Contractors

Pro Tip: Get it Reviewed. Gain a greater understanding of your contracts and protect your interests by allowing a contract review attorney to thoroughly review your agreement. This includes and is not limited to: leases, real estate, letters of intent, service contract, nondisclosure, partnership, and indemnity agreement.

End of Planning & Development Phase

Now let’s pick a spot.
  • Location Phase Planning & Development
  • Location Phase Location
  • Location Phase Construction

Location Phase

(3-6 Months)

Now it’s time to find a home for your business.

Location Phase

Step Three:

choose your location

Whether you’re starting from ground up or relocating an existing business, you’ll need to do the following.

Pro Tip: Prior to signing your commercial lease perform a thorough research on the use and classification of the space. The Fire department’s RESTART program is designed to make small businesses aware of the fire code requirement before committing to purchase, lease, or develop the property.
Location Phase

Step Four:

site selection + approval

Once you’ve found the perfect location, there are some important processes to follow.

Pro Tip: Hire a Licensed General Contractor. They understand what permits need to be pulled and how to get code enforcement to approve your project. The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requires you use a Licensed General Contractor.

End of Location Phase

Time to start building.
  • Construction Phase Planning & Development
  • Construction Phase Location
  • Construction Phase Construction

Construction Phase

(3-6 Months)

Let’s build something!

Construction Phase

Step Five:

construction & building permits

Codes and permits can be confusing. Let us help you.

Pro Tip: Play the Long Game. The construction phase is when your project begins to comes to life. Give your project some buffer time, enough time for the unexpected. Renovations to your space and building to suit your business needs often take longer time than projected. Construction can take up to several months.
Construction Phase

Step Six:


One can never be too careful. It’s critical to have the right agencies sign off on your business.

Pro Tip: If you get stuck during any of these steps, we’re only a phone call away. Contact any of the agencies under “helpful resources” for help. If you don’t know where to start, contact the City’s Small Business Development Administrator.
Construction Phase

Step Seven:


Your new team needs an employer who’s knows how to run a business.


End of Construction Phase

You’re about to start operating a business.